Plainride ‘Life on Ares’

Plainride 'Life on Ares'

Life On Ares is a record that constantly pushes for bold new heights. It allows the listener to question the power of the modern stoner scene by presenting them with a superior German product. This is an extremely fun listen and one that has all the swagger tou would hope for from a stoner rock band in 2018. Veterans of Wacken and with the world at their feet it’s hard not to have a blast with the Plainride crew. – Two Guys Metal reviews


  1. A Fiery Demise (Prologue)
  2. El Coyote
  3. Battletoads
  4. Seven of Spades
  5. Bite Back
  6. Wormhole Society
  7. Texas Labyrinth
  8. Blood on the Crown
  9. Thunder and Awe
  10. Anaximander (And the Riddle of Origin)


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