Mos Generator ‘Nomads’


Mos Generator has returned after a three year hiatus with the introspective and dynamically heavy Nomads! Fusing the band’s trademark sound of explosive heavy dissonance with equally beautiful melodic passages, the Port Orchard trio is giving the fans a forty minute rock n’ roll treat that is five years in the making. Lyrically, Mos Generator is taking their listeners to the deepest depths of the human condition and the constant struggle for soul survival, and along the way, those same listeners are headed to the cosmos with visionary tales. Recorded at HeavyHead Studios by Tony Reed (Stone Axe/Blood of the Sun).


  1. Cosmic Ark
  2. Lonely One Kenobi
  3. Torches
  4. Step Up
  5. Solar Angels
  6. For Your Blood
  7. Can’t Get Where I Belong
  8. Nomads
  9. This is the Gift of Nature


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