Moon Coven ‘Sun King’

Moon Coven 'Sun King'

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    Moon Coven play a mix of psychedelic rock and stoner doom that has a touch of the progressive about it too. Across 46 minutes Sun King blends these styles into a warm, personable album of good tunes and good vibes. Think a mix of bands like Monolord, Acid King, and Black Sabbath, seasoned with a dashing of Pink Floyd, and you’ll have a good starting point for Moon Coven’s music. Moon Coven know how to write a good song. The music on Sun King is easily familiar, and sounds like the return of an old friend. It’s welcoming and friendly, while still having a substance that runs deeper than a mere casual acquaintance. – Wonder Box Metal


    1. Wicked Words In Gold They Wrote
    2. Seeing Stone
    3. Sun King
    4. Behold the Serpent
    5. Below the Black Grow
    6. Gilden Apple
    7. The Yawning Wild
    8. Death Shine Light On Life
    9. The Lost Color



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