Leaf Hound ‘Live In Japan 2012’

Leaf Hound 'Live In Japan 2012'

The first official live recording of the early 70’s iconic cult group, Leaf Hound, captures a band that hasn’t lost a step and knows how to get a crowd in a frenzy. Led by the enigmatic Peter French, Leaf Hound, who are best known for their epic 1971 album Growers Of Mushrooms, delivers a high energy and raucous performance for a rabid Japanese crowd. Mixing in classic material with the bands more recent tunes, Leaf Hound show no signs of letting up after four decades of plying their trade!

CD and DVD are set included together in this great rockin’ package!

CD Track Listing:

  1. Barricades
  2. Freelance Fiend
  3. Work My Body
  4. Stop, Look And Listen
  5. With A Minute To Go
  6. One Hundred And Five Degrees
  7. Evil

DVD Track Listing:

  1. One Hundred And Five Degrees
  2. Work My Body
  3. Stop, Look And Listen
  4. Freelance Fiend
  5. The Man With The Moon In Him
  6. With A Minute To Go
  7. Barricades
  8. Breakthrough
  9. Growers Of Mushroom
  10. Evil
  11. Stagnant Pool


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