Jakethehawk ‘Hinterlands’

Jakethehawk 'Hinterlands'

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Overall, Jakethehawk proves to be one of the more unique voices in the Stoner Prog scene with Hinterlands standing out as their most effective effort to date. While it may take a couple of extra listens for their nuances to really sink in, they have enough chemistry and songwriting skill to see it through. The second half makes me wonder if the band could pull off an even deeper immersion into their softer side, which isn’t often said about denizens of the tune low, play slow realm. Definitely, an album that sets the standard for what to expect from the genre in 2021.

Ghost Cult Magazine


  1. Counting
  2. Ochre and Umber
  3. Interzone Mantra
  4. Still Life
  5. Uncanny Valley
  6. June


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