Iron Claw ‘A Different Game’

Iron Claw 'A Different Game'

The first new music from Scotland’s Iron Claw in over forty years, A Different Game finds the band approaching their brand of melodic heavy rock from the only perspective they’ve ever known . . . with honesty and integrity. Recorded live with few overdubs, this new album captures a raw veteran band playing with the exuberance and gusto of a band half their age, and geared up to turn a whole new generation of rock fan onto their guitar-driven, gritty blues-tinged sound. Final mix and mastering performed by T. Dallas Reed for HeavyHead.


  1. What Love Left
  2. Saga
  3. The Traveler
  4. A Different Game
  5. Angel Woman
  6. Southern Sky
  7. Falling Down
  8. It’s Easy
  9. My Way Down
  10. Love Is Blind
  11. Targets
  12. See Them Fall
  13. Closing In


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