High Priestess ‘Casting the Circle’

High Priestess 'Casting the Circle'

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The band self-released a five-song demo in July 2017 that, through sheer word-of-mouth, gained high critical praise and a growing fanbase. Recently signing with Ripple Music, the demo saw a full release as the bands self-titled first album in May of 2018. Tours, both domestic and abroad, will abound to spread the gospel of thick fuzz and rhapsodic melody. Basically, wherever this band can go, they will go. Prepare to worship at their altar. – New Noise


  1. Casting the Circle
  2. Erebus
  3. The Hourglass
  4. Invocation
  5. Ave Satanas


You can purchase this and more from the Ripple Music webstore at: http://ripplemusic.bigcartel.com