Grifter – S/T

Grifter - S/T

UK-based Grifter unleash their first full length album under the Ripple Music banner later this summer. This self-titled forty-plus minute barrage of hard and heavy, gritty-biker blues rock owes as much to the classic sounds of AC/DC and Motorhead as it does the more modern soundings of Soundgarden and Clutch. After forming in 2003, this trio of 70’s loving hard rockers have delivered heaping loads of heavy rock n’ roll to music lovers across the British Isles, and now, they’re bringing their high octane, Guinness fueled sound to the rest of the world!


  1. Good Day For Bad News
  2. Alabama Hotpocket
  3. Asshole Parade
  4. Strip Club
  5. Young Blood, Old Veins
  6. Bucktooth Woman
  7. Preacher and the Devil
  8. Bean
  9. Piss and Gas
  10. Unwelcome Guest
  11. Gone Blues


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