Grand Atlantic / Sky Parade – Split 7″

Grand Atlantic / Sky Parade - Split 7"

Psychedelic power-pop at it’s finest from Australia’s Grand Atlantic and L.A.’s Sky Parade. Grand Atlantic’s “Used To Be The Sensitive Type” is reminder of what The Byrds might have sounded like if they had never broken up, while Sky Parade’s “I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down)” is a popped-out frenzy of hip-happenin’ fun! Pressed on orange vinyl!

“Grand Atlantic’s second full-length album is a fairly chock-full plate of pop rock, with big sounds, singalong hooks and catchy melodies… How We Survive is a masterfully crafted record.” (Time Off Magazine)

“…This is the excellent album Oasis should have done after What’s the Story Morning Glory but didn’t…” (Lucid Culture, USA)


  1. Grand Atlantic – Used To Be The Sensitive Type
  2. Sky Parade – I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down)


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