Geezer ‘Gage’

Geezer 'Gage'

In a dark corner of an old dusty metal shop, alongside the menacing blasts of industrial age freight trains, that’s where the sound was forged. Where the rusted steel of a bygone era meets the ancient spirits of legendary mountains, that’s where the reckoning came to be. As a whole greater than it’s parts (and a whole lotta noise along the way), a beacon arose from the valley below and brought forth a new sense of old ways and a recalibration of doctrine.

In other words: Geezer lays down thick heavy grooves rooted in the tradition of pre-war slide guitar blues, while simultaneously breaking boundaries through sonic experimentation and improvisation. Known for their mind-bending live performances, Geezer has shared the stage with some of the heaviest hitters around, including Wo Fat, The Midnight Ghost Train, Lo-Pan, Gozu and Borracho, as well as Volume IV, Order Of The Owl, Kings Destroy and others at The Eye Of The Stoned Goat Festival in Worchester, MA.

Originally released on vinyl from STB Records, Ripple Music is proud to release the CD and digital versions of this killer album.


  1. Ancient Song
  2. Thorny
  3. Ghost Rider Solar Plexus
  4. Tales Of Murder And Unkindness
  5. Dude, It’s Molecular


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