Foghound ‘Awaken to Destroy’

Foghound 'Awaken to Destroy'

From the first crushing riffs of the title track, the up-tempo thrashers Known Wolves and Cut The Cord, and the stomping bulldozer rhythms of Filthy andKeep On Shovelling, Foghound‘s latest offering has a story to tell. With artwork by artist Ben Proudman, outstanding photography by Shane Gardner and stellar design by Bill Kole, the entire thing, from what you hear to what you see, has been a labor of love. And the time has come to stir the sleeping giant that is Awaken To Destroy from its slumber. – Rock N Load


  1. Awaken to Destroy
  2. Known Wolves
  3. Filthy
  4. In Due Time
  5. Cut the Cord
  6. Ave!
  7. Keep On Shoveling
  8. Staring Down the Demons
  9. Gone Up in Smoke
  10. The Buzzard
  11. Death Will Tremble


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