Fire Down Below ‘Viper Vixen Goddess Saint’

Fire Down Below 'Viper Vixen Goddess Saint'
The focus today is on Ghent, Belgium’s Fire Down Below and their debut album “Viper Vixen Goddess Saint”. There is everything to say about this album. It’s an injection of intense musical exhilaration, evident from the opening riff of the first full song, “Through Dust and Smoke” and never wavering in intensity or satisfaction through to the aptly titled closer “The Mammoth”. The melodies are the star here, songs written so beautifully, and delivered so expertly and heartfelt that it’s an intoxicating opium rush of warmth and pleasure, paradoxically sharpening senses and expanding sensuality, opening dormant avenues of perception in efforts to experience every little nuance of riff and searing solo, of flourishes of stick on skin, of deep bass blitzes, and of every ingress of those brilliant and exquisite harmonizing vocals. – Heavy Planet


  1. El Viento del Desier
  2. Through the Dust and Smoke
  3. Roadburner
  4. Universes Crumble
  5. Dashboard Jesus
  6. Resurreccion
  7. The Mammoth


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