Fen ‘Of Losing Interest’

Fen 'Of Losing Interest'

A withdrawal of services from the most basic human interactions; an exhausted lament peaked with delirium. Following up the critically-acclaimed Trails Out of Gloom, Vancouver’s Fen presents Of Losing Interest, an album that revisits the band’s harder edged metallic past while retaining the melodic sensibilities that made Trails so alluring. Co-Produced by Mike Southworth, his fourth with the band, Of Losing Interest is a contrast of technical virtuosity layered against warm low end organics. CD is available in digipak format.


  1. Riddled
  2. Of Losing Interest
  3. Nice for Three Days
  4. A Long Line
  5. The Glove
  6. Drunken Relief
  7. Light Up the End
  8. Pilot Plant
  9. Snake Path


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