Fatso Jetson & All Souls ‘Live From Total Annihilation’

Fatso Jetson & All Souls 'Live From Total Annihilation'

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Further proving that “Desert Rock” has more than one style, both of the bands here are adept at taking that expected template and weaving other influences and ideas into their songs. Both dark and beautiful, All Souls and Fatso Jetson’s efforts are all fascinating. “Live from Total Annihilation” is ideal music for watching the sun fade and the night creep in. – Distorted Sound Magazine


  1. Who Holds the Answer (All Souls)
  2. You Just Can’t Win (All Souls)
  3. Winds (All Souls)
  4. Sentimental Rehash (All Souls)
  5. Time Bomb (All Souls)
  6. Drifting Off to Storybook Deth (Fatso Jetson)
  7. Monoxide Dreams (Fatso Jetson)
  8. Dream Homes (Fatso Jetson)
  9. Long Deep Breaths (Fatso Jetson)



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