Electric Jaguar Baby ‘Psychic Death Safari’

Electric Jaguar baby 'Psychic Death Safari'

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To sum up this album in a short sentence is tough as it goes in different directions. On the one hand you have the rock ‘n’ roll tracks that can make you feel cool as you walk to your destination, or do a work out (you know if you really wanted to), and then the bouncier tracks that you easily picture yourself at a small, sweaty gig happily jumping and dancing around. We also need to appreciate the more grunge-style tracks as they are simply so damn cool. – Distorted Sound Magazine


  1. Hitmaker
  2. Flashlight
  3. Shiver River
  4. Sundaze
  5. Hellcome
  6. Never Enough
  7. Jaguar’s Boogie
  8. Slinky Shadows
  9. New Roar
  10. Lazarus
  11. Cannibal Animal
  12. Magik Queen
  13. Sundaze (Bonus Version)



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