Earthen Grave – S/T

Earthen Grave - S/T
Led by former Trouble bassist Ron Holzner and featuring the classically trained and critically-acclaimed violin work of Rachel Barton Pine, Earthen Grave combine elements of doom and classic heavy metal, adding a new wrinkle to the heavy rock genre by working in intricate melodies and musical virtuosity within their songcraft; slices of elegance in an otherwise imposing and oppressive heavy sound.

“The debut self-titled album of Earthen Grave, and what a debut it is – self-assured, nuanced, perfectly
produced and put together without so much as a beard hair out of place.” — The Sleeping Shaman


  1. Earthen Grave
  2. Life Carries On
  3. Burning A Sinner
  4. Blood Drunk
  5. Dismal Times
  6. Tilted World
  7. Beneath a Shovel Load
  8. Fall In
  9. Relentless
  10. Death On The High Seas
  11. Death Is Another Word . . .
  12. Stargazer (Live)


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