Doublestone ‘Devil’s Own​/​Djaevlens Egn’

Doublestone 'Devil's Own​/​Djaevlens Egn'

Raw, fuzzy guitars with a hint of sludgy muck stuck on output retro rockin’ riffs from the past evolving from small grooves into something more sinister and metallic. A male voice attempts to soar, with the hard work and imperfections making the vocals only more human, adding to the retro charm, especially when hinting at old evil.

The retro rawness has been nailed in fine fashion to take you right into the past with an album you’ll be convinced was made decades ago. “Devil’s Own” may be generally on the relaxed side, but there’s always the subtle threat of sin running in the undercurrents! – Cvlt Legion


  1. War Machine
  2. Here Comes the Serpent
  3. Man on the Hill
  4. Devil’s Own
  5. Djaevlens Egn
  6. I Natten
  7. Fuglene Kalder
  8. Solen Sover


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