Curse The Son ‘Isolator’

Curse The Son 'Isolator'

Massive fuzzy riffs, wailing vox and swinging rhythms abound from the off. The production is spot on; nice and live sounding with care and attention applied (double tracked vocals) to make the record sound thorough and mapped out. The title track shows all of the aforementioned in abundance. Ron Vanacore delivers his vocals with full conviction, all the while laying down tar thick riffs. “Gaslighter” is more Sabbathian with its swinging riff and plodding pace. Overall this is a very strong record which mixes doom and stoner in equal amounts to equally great effect. – The SludgeLord


  1. Isolator
  2. Callous Unemotional Traits
  3. Sleepwalker Wakes
  4. Hull Crush Depth
  5. Gaslighter
  6. Aislamiento
  7. Side Effects May Include….


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