Cities of Mars ‘The Horologist’

Cities of Mars 'The Horologist'

Cities of Mars is a band on the rise. Rather than displaying complacency with their initial sound, they show themselves willing to expand and experiment, honing their songwriting skills and adding depth and layers to their music. It’s unfortunate that the vocal issue has become a little more noticeable as a result, like a difficult to remove stain becomes more visible when its surroundings are cleaned. It keeps me just a hair’s breadth away from the higher score that I’d love to give, because in all other regards, The Horologist is a great piece of cosmic sludge. – Angry Metal Guy


  1. Neconograph
  2. Trenches of Bahbelon
  3. Inner Sanctum, Outer Space
  4. Hydrahead
  5. The Last Electric Dream
  6. The Floating Museum
  7. Work Song
  8. Lines in the Dark 05:38


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