Boss Keloid ‘Family the Smiling Thrush’

Boss Keloid 'Family the Smiling Thrush'

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BOSS KELOID sail majestically down a bubbling stream of giant, unwieldy riffs, hurling out gleaming melodic hooks at every opportunity and generally exuding an air of imperious abandon that, once again, sets them far apart from just about everything else.

Heavy music doesn’t need to be original to be great, but it can be both. BOSS KELOID are the proof. If it’s a modern classic you want, look no further.



  1. Orang of Noyn
  2. Gentle Clovis
  3. Hats the Mandrill
  4. Smiling Thrush
  5. Cecil Succulent
  6. Grendle
  7. Flatt Controller


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