Behold! the Monolith ‘ From the Fathomless Deep’

Behold! the Monolith ' From the Fathomless Deep'

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As a name that many of us were thrilled to see in the news again, it almost goes without saying that this album is one of those that are all but destined to be talked about again come the end of the year and one that is to be in the listening habits of many for years to come. The sheer power and talent of Behold! the Monolith has never been anything to underestimate, and it’s with all that they delivered with “From the Fathomless Deep” that we see them retain that title and throne with absolute impunity, leaving nothing to chance nor survivor left unscathed. – HeadBanger Reviews


  1. Crown/The Immeasurable Void
  2. Psychlopean Dread
  3. Spirit Taker
  4. The Wailing Blade
  5. The Seams of Pangaea
  6. Stormbreaker Suite



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