Ape Machine ‘Live At Freak Valley’

Ape Machine 'Live At Freak Valley'

Here it is! The critically-hailed performance that Ape Machine gave to a sold-out audience at Freak Valley 2014. LP has 11 blistering tracks of all out riff-mad, guitar heavy rock, including a cover of Deep Purple’s “Black Night”

Included in a pocket inside the gatefold cover is a DVD of the full show with bonus songs.

Strictly limited to 500 copies.


  1. Wear Me Out
  2. The Sun
  3. Black Night
  4. Strange Are The People
  5. Grind Of Defeat
  6. Ruling With Intent
  7. Gun You Down
  8. Every Body Bleeds
  9. Tyrant’s Arm
  10. Angry Man
  11. Mangled by the Machine


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