Stonebirds is a french trio fromed in 2008 and rooted in Central Britanny (France), a land that deeply inspires band’s songwriting and distinctive sound. Abandoned villages and inhabitants, all left behind by modern economy, ghostly places haunted both by ancient tales and contemporary rural distress, oppressive humidity, storm-like light… These images are nourishing an anguished and tormented doom metal which gives birth to 2015’s « Into The Fog… And The Filthy Air » first Stonebirds LP. This record sees the band paving its own way in between sludge, psychedelic/prog rock, and post-metal, confirmed with its « Time » in 2017. This second LP is more radical, contrasted, alternating with massive metal riffs and lightful arpeggios, all infusing in a poisonous reverb. Drawing its luminous heaviness from Yob and Cult Of Luna, breton trio gains a foothold in sludge scene and doomheads hearts by playing prestigious Hellfest, Motocultor and supporting bands like Ufomammut, Mars Red Sky, Glowsun, Alunah etc.

With « Collapse And Fail » (2020 – Ripple Music), Stonebirds is releasing its darker record to date. If previous albums resonated like distress calls for the planet, this third one is an excruciating work of hopelessness that embodies all the horror we’re collectively facing with : this is too late. With six new songs, the band gives « doom metal » a more contemporary meaning, emotionally charged, linking a painful interiority with our collective gloomy destiny. This is too late, and all is left is a burning violence .


Fañch : guitare/chant
Sylvain : basse/choeurs
Antoine : batterie
Alx : son